32 Pieces Luxury Baby Room White


Luxury 100% cotton fabric and the soft filling of each piece offer great comfort in the touch with baby’s sensitive skin.

  • 1 Duvet 1.45m length. x 1m wide
  • 1 Headboard with Zipper 68cm wide. x 48cm.
  • 2 Side protector with Zipper 1,30m wide. x 30cm.
  • 1 Top Sheet 1,50m length. x 1.05m wide
  • 1 Bottom Sheet with Elastic 1,55m length. x 1m wide
  • 1 Pillowcase 35cm comp. x 28cm wide
  • 1 Tulle mosquito net 1,30m wide.
  • 1 Decorative Bandô 1,30m wide. x 22cm.

Day Bed 06 pieces:

  • 1 Bed quilt 2.10m length. x 1.45m wide
  • 3 Support cushion / Zipper 70cm wide. x 45cm alt.
  • 2 Side Support Roll Format w / Zipper 60cm wide. x 18cm diameter

Curtain 03 pieces:

  • 2 Voile 1,50m wide. x 1.80m
  • 1 Bandô 2m wide x 40cm alt. (center)

2 Ted holders (gift)

Others pieces included on the set:

  • 1 Table lamp 27cm alt.
  • 1 Basket 30cm diameter
  • 3 Pots 10cm high. x 8cm wide
  • 1 First Aid medical Box33cm comp. x 22cm wide x 30cm alt.
  • 1 Bin 24cm alt. x 21cm length x 20cm
  • 1 Changer w / Foam and Removable Plastic Cover 68cm comp. x 47cm wide x 5cm thickness
  • 1 Petit Bear Maternity Souvenir with Handle 12cm (approx.)
  • 1 Ornament for Plush Handle 12cm (approx.)
  • 1 Crib skirt 02 Sides 1.35m wide. x 70cm prof. x 42cm alt.
  • 2 Nappies organizer hangar 53cm alt. x 40cm wide
  • 1 Breastfeeding Pillow 50cm x 50cm
  • 1 Luxury White / Navy Blue Cushion with Ruffle 38cm alt. x 38cm wide
  • 1 Luxury Navy Blue Cushion with Ruffle 38cm alt. x 38cm wide
  • 1 Bear Cushion Luxury White / Navy with Frill 38cm alt. x 38cm wide
  • 1 Pillow Support Bullet Luxury Navy Blue 60cm comp.
  • 1 Rectangular Cushion Luxury White / Navy 43cm width. x 28cm.
Attention: The kit consists of the items described above. Therefore, the other products that appear on the scene are sold separately

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