29 Pieces Magic Circus Baby Room


The playful concept, the grace and delicacy of the world of magicians and clowns served as inspiration for the Circus Baby Room, all made with 100% cotton.

  • 1 Duvet 1.50m length. x 1.05m wide
  • 1 Headboard with Zipper 68cm wide. x 48cm.
  • 2 Side protector with Zipper 1,30m wide. x 30cm.
  • 1 Top Sheet 1,50m length. x 1.05m wide
  • 1 Bottom Sheet with Elastic 1,55m length. x 1m wide
  • 1 Pillowcase 35cm comp. x 28cm wide
  • 1 Tulle mosquito net 1,30m wide.
  • 1 Decorative Bandô 1,30m wide. x 22cm.

Day Bed 06 pieces:

  • 1 Bed quilt 2.10m length. x 1.45m wide
  • 3 Support cushion / Zipper 70cm wide. x 45cm alt.
  • 2 Side Support Roll Format w / Zipper 60cm wide. x 18cm diameter

3 Pieces Curtains:

  • 2 Shawls 1,50m wide. x 1.80m.
  • 1 Wavy Bandeau 2m wide x 40cm

Curtain holder (gift)

Others pieces included on the set:

  • 1 Ruffle Pillow and Yellow Stars 38cm wide x 38cm.
  • 1 Ruffle Pillow and Stars Blue 38cm wide
  • 1 Star Paetê Cushion with Tassel 38cm wide. x 38cm.
  • 1 Circus Tent Cushion 43cm wide. x 33cm.
  • 1 Changer with Removable Plastic Cover 68cm comp. x 47cm wide x 5cm.
  • 1 Roll Protector for Changer 65cm comp. x 9cm diameter
  • 1 Ornament for Handle 12cm comp. x 9cm.
  • 1 Crib skirt 1.35m wide. x 70cm prof. x 42cm.
  • 2 Baby Diaper Holder 40cm alt. x 35cm wide.
  • 1 Breastfeeding Pillow 50cm x 50cm.

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